Sheets Game

When I was close to finishing up my Masters at FIEA I decided to learn some AS3. I spent the first two weeks of my project reading up on AS3 and the Flash interface as it had been years since I used Flash. The last time I used it was early 2005…I was at NJIT and it was called Macromedia Flash at the time. Adobe had just bought Macromedia.

Anyway, as I said my first two weeks were ramping up on the interface and language. The second two weeks were spent developing a very small game. I dubbed it “Sheets.” It was the first game I had ever written in AS3 and it contains very simple art assets and text.

I was happy since I added parallax background scrolling in. It’s not something I planned…it was just something that I felt all platformers should have. I learned a lot about how a game is structured. It’s definitely one thing to read all about it, (as I had done many times before) and it’s another thing to dive into AS3, learn about OOP and code one yourself.

You can play the game in another window/tab or directly below. I’ll also link to the source code.

Before you play, you’ll need:

Play Sheets Game (new window/tab)

Sheets Game – Source

[swfobj src=”” base=”/wp-content/uploads/sheets/” alt=”Sheets Game” width=”640″ height=”400″ align=”none” allowfullscreen=”false” required_player_version=”9″]