Chain Game Pitch – The Aftermath (err, Pre-Pro)

One of the first things I did after our game got greenlit for pre-production was make and organize our wiki. I figured that since Winter Break was now upon us the best thing we could do was keep in touch and the wiki would help with that. This ended being a good move later as our wiki was hosted by me and didn’t get deleted later down the line when it came time for us to graduate.

For our development methodology our team decided early on that pre-production would be run with a  modified version of SCRUM.

When everyone got back to FIEA, each team member worked on various things but our first task Continue reading

Chain Game Pitch

While we were developing our five rapid prototypes during our first semester of FIEA we were also tasked with coming up with a game concept to pitch to the rest of our cohort. Myself and Michael Macleod pitched “Chain Game”. Donald Branch did our concept art for the slides. If you want to view the original slideshow, click here or watch us present it below:

The above videos (audio: myself, visuals: Michael Macleod) were made to explore the mechanics of two players being chained together. Using the chain, players could solve problems or overcome obstacles. Communication would also be key in this symbiotic relationship.

This presentation was to the entire cohort. Earlier, we pitched Chain Game to our professor, Rick Hall and our fellow producers. Chain Game was competing with 19 other game concepts then. That presentation is here.

Chain Game along with nine other games were pitched that day. Only four games would survive. Those lucky four were:

  • Resonance
  • Delirium
  • Drifters
  • Chain Game

Luckily, ours was one. :-)

Spaceballs: The Game

Spaceballs - Title Screen
Spaceballs - Title Screen

The fourth round of RPP was different than the others. We had to focus on working with an IP (Intellectual Property) which is very common in the industry. Our team got Spaceballs as our IP. We thought to ourselves, “How can we make a game using Spaceballs that would be fun and in the spirit of the IP?” Our answer: think like Yogurt. Continue reading