Cubic Ninja

I picked up Cubic Ninja from recently. $10. I had a $20 promotional credit in my account due to my past purchase of Ocarina of Time and the game itself was on sale for $30 instead of the normal 3DS game price-point of $40. I figured “What the heck, it can’t be that bad for $10” and I remember hearing it was one of the more unique showings of the 3DS some time ago.

How does it fair for $10? Not that great. Let me explain. Continue reading

Super Mario Galaxy Critique

In order to be accepted into my Masters program (FIEA) I needed to choose a game and critique it. The critique process was open, meaning we could critique a game in any way we saw fit as long as we proved our points. I noticed that many FIEA applicants today choose to use YouTube or other means for reviewing but I decided to use text.

Since the game had recently come out and I had beaten it twice already, (normally and “Second Quest/New Game +”) I decided to critique Super Mario Galaxy for Wii. The critique can be downloaded below.

Download: Super Mario Galaxy Critique

Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8 - Title Screen
Mario Party 8 - Title Screen

I recently picked up a copy of Mario Party 8 for my friends and I to enjoy. I realize that this game is somewhat dated now as it was released close to the Wii’s release window. I had always heard that this game could have been better, but since I believe games are an art form I figured I would take it upon myself to figure out why this game was rated the way it was. Continue reading