#1GAM May 2014 Entry: Money Game

I heard about #1GAM before but I never had the time or drive to participate. I decided to enter something, no matter how small for May 2014. May’s optional theme was MONEY. Since time was short, I went with the first thing I thought of: (even though normally this is bad, but this would also stop me from second-guessing myself) use money to buy platforms. I thought this was a novel idea. Continue reading

Philly Game Jam 2011 – NestKins

NestKins Logo
NestKins Logo

Philly Game Jam 2011 was my first game jam and it was a blast! If you search around here, you may find me. :-) Anyway, the game we made was NestKins and our theme was “Mothers”. Considering the game jam took place May 6th-8th which was Mother’s Day 2011 weekend, I was expecting theme to be a little less predictable. Oh well.

For the first two hours of development, Continue reading