Nintendo Software on 3rd Party Devices?

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IGN Mockup - Animal Crossing on the App Store
IGN Mockup - Animal Crossing on the App Store

A lot of talk has been thrown around recently by Nintendo’s investors due to poor 3DS sales that Nintendo should go 3rd party and pop their IPs on other devices. IGN even fired up the What If Machine and imagined what Animal Crossing would be like on the App Store. At first glance it seems like a hunky-dory situation, but as you pull back the curtain this wouldn’t be so fun. Let’s look into it. Continue reading

Cubic Ninja

I picked up Cubic Ninja from recently. $10. I had a $20 promotional credit in my account due to my past purchase of Ocarina of Time and the game itself was on sale for $30 instead of the normal 3DS game price-point of $40. I figured “What the heck, it can’t be that bad for $10” and I remember hearing it was one of the more unique showings of the 3DS some time ago.

How does it fair for $10? Not that great. Let me explain. Continue reading