Chrome Extension: Print This Frame!

A client came to me yesterday with a problem: He couldn’t print a webpage in Chrome. I look and sure enough, clicking “Print…” in Chrome yielded a page that wasn’t the full page. Why? Because the website he was viewing it on put stuff in frames. Yuck. The 90’s, right? (I know I was guilty of using them back in the days of Angelfire when having your browser being able to upload files to a webserver was a Big Deal) So what did I do? I developed a Chrome extension. It wasn’t too bad. Continue reading

Game Job Finder

Finding a game job is tough in this economy so I whipped up a little tool to help myself: the Game Job Finder. It loads a company’s website in an iframe so you can easily flick from one site’s job page to another without having to go through a bunch of links.

I find it helpful. Do you?