A Duo of Designs

Here are two more design documents I cooked up in the middle and end of January 2011 respectively: “Junkyard Dogs” and “Mario Kart – Wudang Mountains.” Both were designs made to fulfill requirements by 3rd parties. “Junkyard Dogs” is a 2-4 player design set in a junkyard where players have to construct and control a rail gun and harm their opposing team members with it. Think of it as “UT2K4 mixed with Minecraft.” Man, I loved me some UT2K4….

Download: Junkyard Dogs GDD

“Mart Kart – Wudang Mountains” is just as it sounds: a Mario Kart racetrack set in the Wudang Mountains of China. It was my first time designing a racetrack. I think my only complaints with this design are:

  • I didn’t pick a Nintendo character to theme this track with. (e.g., DK Summit as in Mario Kart Wii) I do have some ideas listed down at the bottom at the document, but I didn’t pick one and left it open to discussion.
  • The track design is too simple. I thought the track design would be tough enough due to the obstacles I put in the way.

Download: Mario Kart – Wudang Mountains GDD